“Teen Mom” fans have been scratching their heads as they try to keep up with the relationship that is Amber Portwood and Matt Baier. Being so much older than Amber, Matt has always been a very controversial boyfriend that most fans didn’t approve of. Even most of Amber’s co-stars weren’t too approving of Matt. This is especially true for Farrah who Matt allegedly tried to get with before getting with Amber.

The wedding was off

Earlier in the month of May, “Teen Mom” fans learned Baier had been caught cheating on Amber. While Portwood didn’t catch Matt cheating on her, he failed a lie detector which asked him if he had cheated on her.

The reality TV star must have had some doubts that her fiancé wasn't loyal if she asked him to get a lie detector test done.

The two continued to live together

Portwood appeared to be trying to work things out with Baier as it was revealed the two continued to live together even after the wedding had been called off following the unfaithful discovery. Those close to Amber claimed she and Matt were trying to work on their relationship even though the wedding was no longer happening.

The two – and those close to them – continued to deny rumors that they had completely broken things off. Naturally, many wondered why she called off the wedding if she was still going to be in a relationship with him.

Matt also struggles with drugs

It was also revealed that after years of staying away from substance abuse, Matt had fallen back into the bad habit again. It was his drug abuse which was believed to be why he had so many outbursts on screen. Considering Amber has also struggled with drugs, it doesn’t make much sense for her to stay with a man who could cause her to go back down such a troubled path.

While neither Amber or Matt have confirmed the two have officially broken up, fans are hopeful the “Teen Mom OG” star has finally cut the cheater out of her life. Portwood recently took to Twitter about how she was ready to become the woman she had always wanted to be and about how her new beginning was getting ready to start.

She never came out and said she was finally done with Matt, but most of her followers took this post to mean she had finally cut him loose. Some close to Amber claim she and Matt have split up, but the "Teen Mom OG" star seems to have a hard time saying no to Baier.

Could Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have finally broken up? If so, does this mean she’s turned down the sex tape offer she had recently received? Could she do the sex tape without Matt?