AAA girls are a group consisting of three previous ‘Rupaul Drag Race’ Queens (Alaska 5000, Courtney Act, and Willam Belli). The trio formed after being cast in a 2014 American Apparel fashion advertisement. They worked on the campaign Support Artists, Support Ethical Manufacturing, featuring three limited edition T-shirts honoring each drag queen's talent.

The girls were recently featured in Little Mix’s video 'Power' after singer Jade Thirwall became a huge fan during RPDR. Courtney Act says how great it was "Jade is the superfan, she wears our merch. Some promo she did, she was wearing a Courtney Act tank top, it's so fabulous."

After the appearance in Little Mix’s video, fans were hungry for more AAA girls and began speculating about new AAA music.

Courtney addressed this on her Instagram "A few years ago, Willam, Alaska, and I recorded a song together and since then, the fandom would not let us quit."

Now we walk this way

Music from the group was last released in December 2015, featuring two singles on the "Christmas Queens" album. This was later followed by a popular tour around the UK. Courtney Act dropped a sneak peek of the single artwork on Instagram with a snap captioned "One song and two holiday tracks later, it’s time for The AAA Girls album, starting off with this track we wrote with Sam Sparro called ’AAA." Going on to reveal “We think you’ll agree it’s your new summer/life anthem!"

The video of the single was released Tuesday

The video accompanying the single was released Tuesday and it was everything expected from the Queens; fierce, fun and full of energy.

The song itself is set to be a summer anthem, with its catchy bridge verse "Please don't bore us get to the chorus." The song is chock full of tongue in cheek lyrics ' We don't just sing in gay bars/ We also fix automotive cars.' This is fast becoming the perfect summer song to sing along wherever you are.

It makes lighthearted fun out of each of queen.

It’s fun, fluffy and has an easy dance routine to dance to. The video is also equipped to the high heavens with everyone's favorite emoji.

It’s been released just in time for Pride Month and it matches the tone perfectly. This is just the beginning of fun anthems to be released for us fans to dance along to. The trio's upcoming debut album "Access All Areas" is planned for a summer release.

So, until then enjoy the debut single of AAA available on Itunes and catch the video now on Youtube.

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