On Monday, retired Football player, michael vick, went onto the Fox Sports 1 show, "Speak for Yourself," and weighed in on why he feels as though ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned. His advice for Colin was to change his image; mainly by cutting his natural hair (which is currently in an afro) and make himself more presentable.

The comment has caused a lot of controversy among fans of Colin Kaepernick and his many philanthropic efforts.

The initial incident

In August of last year, Kaepernick refused to stand during the National Anthem at a football game against the Green Bay Packers.

When asked about his decision by the NFL Media, he stated that he did it in protest against what he viewed as the ill-treatment of minorities in America. This was in light of a number of high-profile police shootings against unarmed African-American men.

His decision incited a variety of reactions from different people. NFL officials close to the player confirmed that, while players are encouraged to stand during the anthem, they are not required. Others, including, but not limited to, politician Sarah Palin, cultural commentator Tomi Lahren, and president Donald Trump, were furious at, what they saw as the athlete's blatant disrespect of the American Flag.

Kaepernick's post-season fate

Ever since that season ended, people were anticipating Colin Kaepernick's fate.

And many were disappointed when it was announced that his [Kaepernick's] contract was not renewed. Ever since then, the ex-professional athlete has focused his efforts on worldwide philanthropy.

In 2016, he donated shirts, hats, and books to the Know Your Rights Camp, a campaign funded by Colin Kaepernick that teaches youth how to interact with law enforcement.

He also pledged to donate $1 million to various charities using the money from jersey sales.

Michael Vick's comment

Michael Vick is no stranger to controversy. In December of 2007, Vick and three others were sentenced to 23 months in prison for operating a dog fighting ring.

Ever since his retirement, he has managed to keep a relatively low profile.

However, on Monday, during a conversation about Colin Kaepernick on "Speak for Yourself," hosted by Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock, stated his belief that one of the reasons he has yet to be extended another contract is because of his image. On the show, Vick made roundabout references to Kaepernick's controversy and states that his appearance (à la his afro) is the reason why he hasn't been re-signed.

Colin Kaepernick indirectly responded by tweeting a definition of Stockholm Syndrome. Many have perceived this as an indirect reference to, what many feels is, Vick's desire to appease a particular audience that would be made uncomfortable by someone like himself or Kaepernick standing up for the rights of minorities in America.