Hollywood diva Halle Berry befuddled media and fans with a recent appearance during which she looked obese. At a glimpse, we felt that she is expecting another baby; but the actress denies pregnancy Rumors.

For some days, journalists and audiences were shocked to see Halle’s baby bump. Everyone hinted at her pregnancy, but she names snacks and French fries to be the reason for her obesity.

Berry looked extremely obese when she walked the Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball red carpet in Los Angeles this weekend. Cameramen clicked her in a significant number as she gave them the universally-recognized mum-to-be poses.

Is Halle Berry pregnant?

In her tight silver outfit, the 50-year-old cradled her belly, and it looked like she is expecting. Berry gave a lot of beautiful poses, but the pictures made us think that she is pregnant. Last night, she took it to the official Instagram to reveal that she is fit and healthy, not expecting a baby.

Halle seems to be more focused on her career than the personal life, which is why she denies pregnancy rumors, saying that she has yet to work a lot and cannot afford to give birth to another baby. Let me here tell you that Berry is no stranger to a pregnancy pose as she gave a lot of similar poses in the past. She shared dozens of pictures on Instagram and Twitter, in which Halle looks obese.

She has over 1.5 million Instagram followers.

She says junk foods made her obese

As of Wednesday, June 7, 2017, Berry revealed through her social media account that she is not expecting so people should stop creating a mess for her.

She, instead, names junk foods to be a reason for her weight gain. The actress has started paying attention to the weight loss programs; so, we expect that she will soon shed extra pounds.

“Can’t a girl have some fried and snacks?” she posted to her social media this Wednesday, revealing that she is not expecting. Previously, Halle posed for an issue of Instyle magazine and looked extremely obese.

In 2008, it was also rumored that she is pregnant.

Berry is a mother of two beautiful kids: Nahla (with Gabriel Aubry), and Maceo (with Olivier Martinez). I think she has already completed her family, so there is no need to get pregnant for the third time. Halle has started responding to pregnancy rumors seriously.

She is more concerned about her reputation in the Hollywood industry than maintaining a family. Some of her famous films are “The Call,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “The Wolverine,” “Kevin Hart: What Now,” “Kings,” and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.”