Gregg Allman, a famous music legend, died at the age of 69 due to complications of liver cancer. His body will be laid to rest in his hometown this Saturday. Allman's last wish is to be laid next to his brother Duane in Rose Hill Cemetery. Further, reports revealed that the ceremony would not be open in public. Hence, the family will only keep his Funeral in a limited number of attendees among friends and families.

A private service will also be held at Snow's Memorial Chapel before his funeral. Although his funeral will be kept private, fans, however, can still join the procession from the chapel.

Bill Snow, the owner of the memorial chapel, also revealed that the front of the building would be closed. Fans are only allowed to line at the corner of Cherry and First street for them to pay their last tribute to the music legend.

Allman struggles over health crisis

Amidst the years of his successful career, the music legend had faced different problems of his health. To recall, he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1999. He also underwent a liver transplant in 2010. However, the complication of his liver cancer has ended his life last Saturday, May 27, at his home Savannah, Georgia.

Meanwhile, his concerns with his health have forced him to cancel his concert which will suppose to happen in June.

Despite the rumors that he has been in a critical condition, the legendary guitarist still denied that he has been into a hospice care. To recall, Allman posted on his social media in April as he clarified his current health status.

For 45 years long, Allman fronted his band alongside his brother Duane. He spent the years of his life writing and composing his songs.

With this, his family wishes for tributes from his friends as it will benefit the Gregg Allman Scholarship Fund at the University of Georgia.

Celebration of Allman's life to continue

After Allman's funeral service, Michael Lehman, Allman's manager since 2004, has confirmed that the celebration of his life will continue at Big House in Macon.

They are expecting about close friends and families to attend. An outdoor stage will be set up in the garden, and apparently, the celebration will focus on his legendary music.

The members of the Allman's band will also perform during the celebration. Dickey Betts, who has been his estranged friend, is also expected to attend the funeral. Further, there are speculations that a major concert will be held in honor of the music legend. For the meantime, Lehman is still not sure whether it will be held in Atlanta or New York. Nonetheless, fans can still look forward that this major event will be announced soon.