On "General Hospital," Josslyn Jax has become a ticking time bomb. The teenager is dealing with a lot of tragedy all at once and no one seems to notice the warning signs. Joss is poised to act out in a major way. She is going to become her mother's daughter, and Port Charles will never be the same.

Miss Jax is a teenager in pain

Josslyn blames all of her problems on her step-father, Sonny. Last October, when her half-brother Morgan died after a car exploded, it was believed the bomb was placed in the vehicle on Sonny's orders. The situation caused Carly and Sonny to separate and Joss said she hated her step-father.

Later, it was revealed that Olivia Jerome had the explosive device planted in the car Morgan was driving.

Josslyn did not care because she still considered Sonny to be responsible for the death of his son. Sonny and Carly began divorce proceedings and no one was more excited than young Miss Jax. She was especially elated soon after when her father, Jax returned to Port Charles. Unfortunately, he was the bearer of bad news. Jax came to town to announce that his mother Lady Jane had passed away.

Carly invited her ex to stay with her and eventually the two ended up in bed together. When Sonny found out, he had Jax arrested for illegally obtaining a kidney so Joss could have a transplant. Jax was later released from jail but was deported back to Australia indefinitely.

Now, Josslyn is dealing with the deaths of her brother and grandmother and the fact that her father is unable to enter the United States. To add insult to injury, Carly forgave Sonny and Joss caught them kissing.

Josslyn is in trouble but no one seems to notice

Joss refuses to listen to Carly explain the complicated relationship she has with Sonny, and she accuses her mom of wanting to get back with her estranged spouse.

Josslyn does not understand how her mother can be so forgiving. Michael tells her that no one can make their mom stay away from Sonny and he tries to explain the complicated relationship, but Josslyn does not want to hear it.

She tells her brother that Sonny and Carly are together in Puerto Rico and planning to get back together.

Later, young Miss Jax makes a call on her cell phone. She tells someone she has the house to herself and invites them to come over. With Jax sequestered down under and her mom traveling with Sonny, Josslyn has the house to herself. She is about to show everyone that she is every bit as reckless as Carly.