"The Young and the Restless" news provides a shocker. Kate Linder, who plays Esther Valentin on "Y&R", just lost her dear husband Ronald Linder. The pair married on Valentine’s Day in 1976 and were married 41 years before news broke that he passed away. Her husband, Dr. Ronald Linder, was a professor at UCLA’s school of Public Health and Medicine.

Kate Linder’s TV pal shares sad news

It was Kate’s "The Young and the Restless" costar Tristan Rogers ("Y&R"'s Colin Atkinson) who tweeted the sad news. Tristan tweeted, "My condolences to my dear friend and colleague Kate Linder on the sad passing of her husband Ron.

My total sympathy." Colin and Kate have known each other for years as co-stars on CBS' hit soap "Y&R".

Sadly, "Y&R"'s Kate had just shared a sweet Father's Day greeting on Sunday that showed a giant mug with "#1 Dad" on it only to lose her husband days later.

Kate shares photos of good times

In May, Kate Linder shared a photo spread of her family ranch in a magazine along with a recent photo of herself and her husband Ron.

She also shared that her "The Young and the Restless" character had the last name Valentine because she and Ron married on Valentin's Day and added, "It turned out to be good luck."

Fans chimed in wishing Kate condolences on the loss of her husband as soon as news began breaking today on Twitter of her loss.

It's a shame since Kate recently had to go through an on-screen funeral on "The Young and the Restless" when her character Esther lost her daughter Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Kate and Ron's romantic story - met as student and professor

"The Young and the Restless" actress Kate Linder was married to her husband Ronald Linder for more than 40 years when he passed away today.

Kate and Ron met at San Francisco State University where she was majoring drama and he was a professor with an expertise in drug addiction. Six years after they wed, she landed her role as Esther on "Y&R".

They met in February 1975 and married a year later on February 14, 1976. Ronald's brother suffered from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and that led to her becoming a celebrity spokesperson for the ALS Association. She and her husband also gave time to local LA charities for the homeless and the USO in support of US troops.

Although there are no details that have emerged yet on Ronald Linder's passing, "Y&R" fans can share their condolences with the actress on her loss on her Twitter page or public Facebook page. Details will emerge soon. Stay tuned for more "The Young and the Restless" news on Kate Linder's loss.