'Game of Thrones' is undeniably one of HBO's most successful original series. As the series is nearing its final season, fans are feeling some sort of separation anxiety as the closing of a very significant chapter looms for the adaptation of George R.R. Martin's book series.

According to reports, talks about a possible prequel for "GOT" have been a poignant point of discussion among HBO executives. In fact, HBO programming president, Casey Bloys, has reportedly shared his strategy to usher an epic and satisfying conclusion to the worldwide series sensation.

Additionally, talks about new adventures in Westeros were also discussed in n exclusive interview.

As of writing, there are reportedly five "Game Of Thrones" prequel series already in development. This is definitely good news for the fans knowing that the series finale won't be the last they will see their favorite "GOT" characters.

'Game Of Thrones' prequel air dates

The excitement for the "GOT" prequels are really building up, but fans are advised not to get too excited as of now because a lot of details still needs to be ironed out and significant changes are still expected. Fortunately, the "Game Of Thrones" finale will be coming soon and is expected to keep the fans busy up until the prequel details are finalized.

Casey Bloys also clarified that while there are already reports saying that HBO is coming up with four or five prequels for the worldwide phenomenon, the network is still considering on merging those prequels into one big production. Further, he also emphasized that the showrunners are more focused on getting the eighth season completely written and aired.

Why a 'Game Of Thrones' spinoff or prequel is a big deal

A series spinoff or prequel might just be considered to be part of the process when a particular series ends or closes its chapter. However, for HBO, if the plans to have a "GOT" prequel or spinoff pushes through, this will be the first for the network to have one.

In the history of HBO originals, there were no spin-offs or prequels that followed a series that has just ended.

According to reports, HBO executives are actually impressed with how the viewing public has been supporting "Game Of Thrones," which is why they are very open to extending the life of George R.R. Martins book series. Showrunners are also confident that each character has a unique backstory and there are still lots of angles that haven't been covered.