Eminem now sports a new look that makes his fans go berserk. The 44-year-old rapper recently revealed his almost unrecognizable with his new dark hair and bearded face. The “Lose Yourself” hitmaker ditched his blonde mane and let the people see his natural brown tresses at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Defiant Ones” last Thursday. As he is rarely seen in public, this definitely surprised his fans.

His rare public appearance

Eminem is often promoting “The Defiant Ones,” a four-part television special on HBO, on his Instagram account. He even shared a snap of himself together with the special's star Dr.

Dre and fellow rap superstar Kendrick Lamar.

“Just a couple of guys from Compton and one from Detroit,” he captioned the photo. He even mentioned his newly revealed beard in the picture. At the premiere of the documentary, he is also seen posing for a photograph with “The Next Episode” rapper and Compton’s Kung Fu Kenny.

The Defiant Ones" tells the story of the life and history of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's working relationship together. As the trailer for the series shows, Eminem is also part of the documentary, which explains his appearance at the premiere. He talks in the special about the two men’s expertise, as he calls the record producer "the innovator" and the 64-year-old film producer "the levitator."

The “8 Mile” actor worked under Dr.

Dre's Aftermath Entertainment in the early part of his career. This led them to become good friends throughout the years. Aside from “The Defiant Ones,” he is also promoting the 15th anniversary of “The Eminem Show” and openly supports the music career of Big Proof’s son.

A possible collaboration

Moreover, apart from the premiere of “The Defiant Ones,” Eminem was also recently seen with 2 Chainz in Malibu.

The two are said to be working on to “something mysterious.” Is this a new music that fans have been long waiting for?

The “Good Drank” rapper shared a couple of snapshots of them together on his own Instagram page. “Sooo this jus [sic] happened,” he captioned the pictures. He even used the hashtag, "Marshall Likes Trap Music."

Although the picture might just be an indication of a meeting, some can’t help but think that they are working on new music.

As a matter of fact, 2 Chainz’s collaborator Nolan Presley teased a studio session with Eminem in a different photo. While many people speculate this all means new music from the two is coming, fans have to take it with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet.