Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, is gradually getting known and even rising as a social media queen. Fans of the rapper first knew about her child as he often includes her in songs and even dedicated one tune for her titled “Hailie’s Song.”

Now, she is already 21 years old, studying psychology at Michigan State University. She is even crowned a homecoming queen back when she is graduating from high school. According to reports, her speech included a thank you message to her mom Kim Scott and dad for giving her all the support that making her achieve everything she has.

Her parents’ relationship

It has been known that Eminem’s relationship to Hailie has been through up and down. In fact, he has been criticizing Kim in most of his songs. He even has a song dedicated solely fo her titled “Kim.” Here, fans can clearly hear his anger and hatred that ends with him killing his ex-wife and burying her after a fight

To recall, the ex-lovers started dating in 1989 and had their first and only child on Christmas Day of 1995. They decided to get married in 1999 but got divorced in 2001. Although things between the two were complicated, they got wedded again in 2006 and legally split again after a few months. They then agreed to a joint custody of their daughter and Kim’s another child from a different relationship.

His battle with drug abuse

Moreover, the reason behind Eminem and Kim’s divorce was not revealed but some say that it was because of the singer’s drug abuse. It has been said that the “Lose Yourself” hitmaker was even hospitalized in December 2007 due to methadone overdose.

However, Eminem admitted that he was battling multiple prescription medicines addiction while promoting his 2013 album “Recovery.” “Xanax, Valium, tomato, tomatoe, it's the same thing," he told MTV about his hospitalization.

"Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would have died. My organs were shutting down.

His love for his only child

No matter what he has been through, Eminem felt that his responsibilities as a father to Hailie had helped him to be motivated and become sober. "I'm looking at my kids and [realizing] ‘I need to be here for this,’” he revealed.

He then decided to be under a “self-imposed detox program” with the help of another music icon Elton John. The 70-year-old living legend called the “Stan” singer once a week to check on him and asked if he needed everything. From here along with church meetings to a thorough workout schedule, he got fully recovered and stayed clean up to this day.