Although Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are still not back in the friend zone, the "Bad Blood" singer's close friend, Ed Sheeran, is staying out from trouble as he keeps quiet about the Perry-Swift feud. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, Ed Sheeran wants to stay away from drama, avoiding getting dragged into their fight.

Ed Sheeran supports Taylor Swift but does not want to join her beef with Katy Perry

The publication noted that Ed Sheeran is always supportive to his friends, including Taylor Swift. However, the English songwriter also stated that the reason why he wants to keep quiet about the feud is that he simply does not know enough about what happened.

"I have learned one thing from this industry, and it is to stay away from drama," Sheeran said. "I can be supportive to my friends privately, but I want to stay away from it publicly."

PEOPLE even unveiled that Sheeran does not feel like he needs to defend Swift from the beef song by Perry, "Swish, Swish." Perry's song is reportedly a retaliation for "Bad Blood" by the 27-year-old pop singer. When Sheeran was asked about his thoughts on Perry's song, he said there were always songs like this and diss tracks in the music industry. Sheeran even joked that he did dissed tracks in the past, but nobody cared about it.

Perry teams up with Swift's ex, Calvin Harris for collaboration in 'Feels'

On the other hand, it seems like Perry has found a new friend in one of Swift's former flame, Calvin Harris.

Perry stars with Harris in her new music video for her new song, "Feels." The clip also features Big Sean and Pharell Williams.

In her new music video, Perry wears a yellow sundress and a yellow wig, as she lays down in a grassy area, while Harris sports a 70's musician outfit and Sean and Williams rock their summer outfit in the video.

Fans are now wondering if Harris is trying to diss Swift now that he collaborated with Perry.

Perry and Swift have been feuding for years and, perhaps, Harris is aware of the fight. Fortunately, Perry has already apologized to Swift and even said that she still loves her and that she thinks she is a great musician. However, Swift has not yet responded to Perry's statement. Reports claimed that fans of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are hoping that the two pop singers will be able to patch things up between them.

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