The coach behind the popularity of the reality show Dance Moms seems ready to start her prison life. Abby Lee Miller has been enjoying her remaining days as a free woman. She was spotted having a date at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. She posted on Instagram a photo of herself behind a younger guy taken at the rooftop of a hotel.

In a recent interview with TMZ, the 50-year-old dance teacher was in good spirits gamely answering questions. She was spotted leaving Catch, a trendy restaurant in L.A. She revealed that for her last meal before entering the prison facility, she would love to eat Red Lobster with cheddar biscuits.

The last thing that she would do to herself before her incarceration is getting a pedicure.

The ALDC owner regrets committing fraud

She also mentioned that she is sorry for all her mistakes and that she is still a devout Catholic. She considers herself bad for committing the fraud as reported by Christian Post.

Abby Lee Miller’s prison entry is just several days away but with her recent activities, she seems to be diverting her thoughts from prison. Combating her fears could be beneficial for her. It can be recalled that Miller revealed she fears the day she will enter the place of law offenders.

Now that she shows a happy countenance and a positive disposition, Miller has gone past her apprehensions. After all, one year is all she needs to spend inside the prison for the 20 counts of fraud charged against her.

Being sorry for her mistakes has helped her to heal and to cope with her impending imprisonment.

The ALDC directress was found guilty of bankruptcy fraud after she failed to disclose her income amounting to $755,000 from “Dance Moms.” She applied for bankruptcy because she cannot pay the government of her taxes amounting to $400,000.

The 'Dance Moms' coach imprisonment is at hand

Abby Lee Miller will subject herself to prison authorities on June 30. She will be released after one year and one day. Thereafter, she will be on a supervised freedom for two years. The former mentor of Maddie Ziegler has never stopped planning for shows. She announced one month ago that she will work on a show right after she’s out of prison.

“Dance Moms” is owned by Lifetime and producing a show that resembles it would need the network’s approval. But it can wait after one year. Miller is still not in good terms with her former employer. But after a year, things might change for the better. Abby Lee Miller’s brainchild will continue to air under the mentorship of Cheryl Burke.

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