Former Dance Moms coach Abby Lee Miller is just 16 days away from commencing her prison term. But the ALDC studio manager who is supposed to be emotionally and mentally preparing for that dreadful day is faced with another problem with the law. Lately, she has been busy traveling for her paid performances abroad. She was given permission by the court to travel.

Miller in trouble again

She received a notice of code violation for her Florida Vacation Home because of her failure to maintain the facilities inside the premises. Her neighbors complained that the swimming pool in her vacation home has long been unattended.

It has become a breeding station for mosquitoes and rodents.

The “Dance Moms” former star explained that she has not visited the place for more than one year. She blames the landscaper for not properly maintaining the property, particularly the pool. The Homeowner's Association took the initiative to have the pool cleaned and filtered.

Miller thanked her fellow homeowners for the help. She has been preoccupied with her cases and her show. Her reality show has been problematic, which has caused her to resign. A conflict between her and the show producer arose, and Miller claimed that she was not given due credit for all her contributions to the show. Her resignation was purposely to stop the producer from earning from the show.

Lifetime still owns the rights to the dance show that propelled Maddie Ziegler to stardom.

"Dance Moms" former mentor to start prison term soon

On June 30, Abby Lee Miller will enter a prison facility to start her one-year and one-day imprisonment. After which, she will be on probation for two years. The much lighter sentence was handed down to the dance mentor on June 9 after a series of postponements.

“Dance Moms” continues to air sans Miller who announced that she is planning for a new show once she gets out of prison. She was replaced by “Dancing with the Stars” long-time dancer Cheryl Burke. Burke is reportedly changing the way Miller treated her students. She condemned the convicted star for traumatizing her students.

Abby Lee Miller will be away from the limelight for one year. She was indicted on 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets, and false bankruptcy declarations. Miller filed for bankruptcy because she can longer afford to pay her taxes to the government amounting to more than $400,000. However, the prosecutor has detected that she still has income from “Dance Moms” which led the court to file a case against her.