Chloe Grace Moretz is at the center of a controversial movie poster featuring her upcoming film, "Red Shoes And The Seven Dwarfs." The said controversy began when the movie's promotional poster took a wrong turn and appeared to be a glaring shot at body-shaming. It showed two versions of Snow White; one was a slender lady while the other looked a bit plumper with the words "What if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the seven dwarfs not so short?"

Almost immediately after the movie poster was released to the public, social media was lit with opinions and reactions concerning the controversial movie poster.

Another point that has made the alleged body-shaming movie poster more ironic is the fact that it's lead voice actress, Chloe Grace Moretz, is known to be an advocate of feminism and a staunch supporter of gender equality and women's rights. Fans of the 20-year old actress have been waiting for her response to the "Red Shoes And The Seven Dwarfs" controversy, and she has finally broken her silence.

Appalled and angry - just like everyone else

According to reports, Chloe Grace Moretz took to social media to express her reactions over the criticism for the movie poster of "Red Shoes And The Seven Dwarfs." According to the Twitter post of "The 5th Wave" actress, she has just reviewed the marketing material, and she is just as appalled and angry like everyone else.

She also emphasized that the movie poster wasn't approved by her or anyone in her team for that matter. According to reports, the website of the animation studio that produced "Red Shoes And The Seven Dwarfs" movie, revealed a synopsis that involved a Princess who doesn't fit in the world of celebrities because of her dress size, but when she puts on a magical pair of shoes, she instantly transforms into a skinnier version of herself.

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Some netizens noticed that the said animation studio is managed by South Koreans, which pretty much explains the focus on dress sizes. According to reports, South Korea is one of the leading countries who specialize in plastic surgery and facial augmentation. In South Korea, even non-celebrities are reportedly going under the knife to achieve a certain look in their face and body figure.

Is everything just a misunderstanding?

Delving deeper into the animation's synopsis, it aimed to reveal an empowering message to the viewers as Snow White learns to accept herself and celebrate who she is. However, viewers who saw the trailer and the movie poster thinks otherwise and have been blasting the film for its body-shaming theme.