New details have been revealed about the arrival of new Shiny Pokémon to the "Pokémon GO" app. Just a few days ago, Niantic made a series of new changes in preparation for the next update coming to the augmented reality game. In those new changes were included some small interesting details in the models of the Pokémon (Pikachu, Raichu, and Gastly). According to a new image revealed, the lower half of these Shiny creatures look a bit more orange. However, in the case of Gastly, this new white Pokémon has changed to a pale blue. This may be a good sign, because, the vast majority of "Pokemon GO" players have been waiting for the arrival of these Pokémon and they are convinced that new Shiny Pokémon are on the way, and will be released soon by Niantic.

Other similar changes in these types of Pokémon were observed in the models for Magikarp and Gyarados, shortly before the Shiny versions of these prized creatures were introduced in March.

New Shiny Pokemon coming to the E3

A few hours ago, a video game site has reported that new Shiny creatures would be added to the game by Niantic by the end of this year at the E3 event. The source that filtered this information is a well accredited and legitimate news site, but for the moment, no other site has referred to the topic. According to a Reddit user, a new model for the Shiny Pikachu server has been seen in the "Pokémon GO" code for several months. However, this information has not been confirmed by Niantic yet.

These new Shiny creatures are expected to be released at the next "Pokémon GO" event, next month. At the moment, no findings of these models of Pokémon have been reported, although that could always change at any time.It is very likely that these Shiny creatures will be released by Niantic prior to the release of the Legendary Pokémon.

Additional information

In addition, new rumors continue to emerge on social networks about the arrival of the Legendary Pokémon. According to new predictions, these legendary creatures would be arriving by the end of next month. This information has not yet been confirmed by the developers of Niantic; however, there is a great possibility that these Pokémon will be released this summer.

It should be said that Niantic has reported that it is working on a big event for summer and that the Legendary Pokémon will come to "Pokémon GO", although, the company did not confirm its release date

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.