If your friends are anything like mine, they spend a lot of time talking about how they want to make the world a better place. A noble cause, right? But then they go on to say that they can't really do anything to Change The World, because they don't have the money to Donate to charities or the time to volunteer for worthy organizations. However, a lack of time or money is NOT an excuse for not being able to make the world a better place! Over the past few months I've been sifting through different apps (for iPhone users) that help you donate to charity without spending a penny.

Here are my top 3 apps for helping make the world a better place for free.


This app is the first free charity app I heard about, and I fell in love with the concept! You download this app, create an account, choose an animal shelter to walk for, and then WALK! This app donates money to your shelter of choice for every step you take.

Depending on how many "active walkers" (others that use the app and donate to the same shelter), you could end up creating a HUGE impact on a local animal shelter. Every time you take your furry friend on a stroll around the neighborhood, at the park, or even just across the street, start this app and it tracks your GPS location until you stop your walk. We all know our four-legged family members deserve exercise, and now you can help animal shelters while you help your own pup!

Donate A Photo

This app is GENIUS. You know you have hundreds of photos saved on your phone, including everything from cute selfies to vacation memories. After you've shared them to social media, they probably just sit in your phone, not really doing anything.

You can use these photos for good! Every day, open your Donate A Photo app. Choose a current charity cause to donate to, and then choose a photo to donate. By sharing that photo, Johnson & Johnson will donate to your cause. For example: the charity that I donated a photo to today is called Shot@Life and for every photo that is donated, Johnson & Johnson will provide a vaccine to children around the world. So far 33,437 photos have been donated, which means 33,437 children have been vaccinated! How amazing is that?!

Charity Miles

This one is probably the most famous charity app.

Charity Miles works a lot like WalkForADog, except you get to choose a charity to walk/run/bike for, and a different company will sponsor you each time you use the app. For every mile you move, that company donates a certain amount of money to your charity of choice. Charities include ASPCA, The IRONMAN Foundation, Feeding America, Stand Up To Cancer, Save the Children, and dozens more.

With all of these apps, just by downloading them, and taking the time to donate a photo or press "START" before you get some exercise, can really make a difference. Maybe it seems insignificant at first, but over time it can really add up.

We all have the time and money to use these apps to make the world a better place.

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