"Broadchurch" first premiered in the UK in 2013, captivating audiences with a heartbreaking case that shatters the trust of a close-knit community. The series comes from Chris Chibnall, who previously worked on "Doctor Who" spin-off "Torchwood." The series was renewed last year for a third and final season and first aired in the UK in February. "Broadchurch" stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman as the detectives investigating. Chibnall adapted the show for American audiences with a limited series called "Gracepoint," which also stars Tennant.

The cases of seasons 1 and 2

Season 1 opens with the disappearance of a young boy named Danny, as Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) returns to work after a three-week vacation to discover Alec Hardy is her her new boss.

When the case becomes murder, Hardy (David Tennant) and Miller uncover secrets and connections to Danny that include Miller's son Tom, who recently argued with the victim. The season ends with an even more devastating twist: Miller's husband is a predator and the one who murdered Danny. Season 2 deals with the aftermath as Miller moves with her children into a hotel, Danny's parents try to move forward, and the trial for Danny's murder takes place. Season 2 also focuses on the Sandbrook case that Hardy investigated years before.

David Tennant teases season 3

The final season of "Broadchurch" finds Alec Hardy returning to town after the last scene of season 2 sees him contemplating getting in a cab. David Tennant teases that Hardy realizes that he's meant to be in Broadchurch and that Ellie Miller is the closest friend he has.

His relationship with his daughter, Daisy will play a large role as the series comes to a close. Season 3 will continue tackling difficult subject matters, with Chris Chibnall devoted to the research that goes into support systems and the work done to help sexual assault victims. Tennant calls meeting the people at Rape Crisis, and the humanity found there, humbling.

He refers to the opening episode as beautifully researched, touching, and intriguing, a page turner.

The friendship between Hardy and Miller will continue to grow, with the usual snarky banter. David Tennant shares that he's not sure what chemistry is, calling it an intangible thing, but if fans think he and Olivia Colman have it, then he's delighted.

Now that the series has ended, he'll miss visits to the coast and calls it an extraordinary place.

"Broadchurch" premieres June 28 on BBC America.

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