Amazon has always been a company that relies on information and data before making any big decisions. A few years ago, it was revealed that the company undertook a massive survey to understand what works on television in order to green-light their first project. The company clearly has their eyes on their competition at all points, and it looks like Netflix might be their biggest opponent. They are now ready to take a page out of the Netflix book and create their own Bojack Horseman-ish show.

Prepare for 'Amberville'

Much like Netflix’s popular animal-human mash-up comedy “Bojack Horseman," “Amberville” will feature anthropomorphized versions of animals doing some sketchy things.

The central plot will revolve around a Teddy Bear (yet to be named) who is trying to quit a life of crime and live like a straight arrow.

Unfortunately for the Teddy Bear, life has other plans, as he is dragged back into a life of crime in the underworld in order to help some shady individuals pull-off an impossible new job. During this misadventure, the Teddy Bear will cross paths with other animal-humans, who will make life difficult (and sometimes easy) for him.

Behind the scenes

The fascinating new show was created by Chris McCoy for Amazon Studios, and he will be assisted by Conrad Vernon, one of the producers of the recent raunchy animated film – “Sausage Party." The series will be produced by Annapurna Studio, who coincidently also happen to be the same studio responsible for bringing us “Sausage Party." So, there is definitely a connection there.

It will be interesting to see if any of the raunchy humor of "Sausage Party" will find its way into this new series.

The premise and direction of “Amberville” is no doubt fascinating, mixing “Bojack Horseman” with a Godfather-style scenario. There is no doubt that this odd new sub-genre of animation that features animals pretending to be human beings has a lot more to give, and hopefully Amazon will explore a direction that “Bojack Horseman” has missed thus far. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this show.