Just 24 hours after Donald Trump decided that the United States would no longer take part in the landmark Paris climate accord, the president was quickly hit with massive backlash. As the criticism continues, comedian Bill Maher made sure to voice his opposition on social media.

Maher on Trump

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made it clear that he was riding the conservative line of opposing climate change and denying that global warming was a legitimate problem facing the planet. The former host of "The Apprentice" went as far as refer to climate change as a "hoax" created by China during a tweet prior to announcing his campaign for president.

Since then, Trump has tweeted over 100 times in expressing his denial of global warming, which continued throughout the election and since he was sworn into office. On Thursday, Trump did as expected when he addressed the issue at the Rose Garden and pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord, joining only Syria and Nicaragua as the only other nations to do so. Since then, Trump has faced a partisan response, as his supporters have praised the decision, while many others have come down hard on the president. As seen on his Twitter account on June 2, Bill Maher is not pleased with the decision that was made.

Taking to Twitter on Friday afternoon, Bill Maher expressed his outrage at Donald Trump over the Paris climate accord, doing so in typical humorous fashion.

"#ParisClimateDeal Where was all this 'pulling out' when Don, Jr and Eric were being conceived?" Maher wondered.

Bill Maher has been one of Donald Trump's most vocal and high-profiled critics, lashing out at the president on a routine basis during his weekly "Real Time with Bill Maher" show on HBO.

Maher returns from a week off on Friday night, where he's expected to continue his attack on the billionaire real estate mogul, including elaborating further with his thoughts on the issue at hand dealing with climate change.

Moving forward

Despite his supporters praising his move to pull the United States out of the climate deal, many in the scientific community have criticized Donald Trump, giving warnings about what the ramifications could be.

In addition, the White House has struggled to define Trump's actual position on climate change now that he's the president, with press secretary Sean Spicer and EPA Chief Scott Pruitt refusing to elaborate during a recent press briefing.