It looks like, despite the political nonsense that has surrounded the movie ranging from the illegal female-only screenings to star Gal Gadot being an Israeli Jew to even the character’s lack of armpit hair, “Wonder Women” is going to be a box office smash hit. But now, as IO9 asks, that Diana Prince has dealt with the war to end all wars, what enemy shall the female superhero smite next with sword, shield, bracelet, and lasso?

Wonder Woman in modern times

The temptation may be to set the sequel in the contemporary age, pitting Wonder Woman against a Super Villain.

But the argument against that one is that it has been so done already with other superheroes. Besides, the temptation to do a feminist riff against Donald Trump may prove to be too tempting. Best to leave Wonder Woman’s next modern adventure to the upcoming “Justice League” movie.

The Amazonian vs. Adolf Hitler

The original Wonder Woman, when her comic books first came out in the 1940s, pitted the Amazonian warrior princess against Hitler and the Nazis. Everybody who wore a costume and had super powers was drafted into World War Ii and Diana Prince was no exception. A sequel that takes Wonder Woman back to her roots would certainly be welcome. A sequel set in World War II would be a great occasion to brighten that red white and blue costume that some critics complain was a little faded and dark in the first movie, diluting the super hero’s Americanness.

Wonder Woman, albeit an Amazonia demi-goddess, was an American superhero and it should be acknowledged.

The Six Day War or let’s troll the anti-Semites

The last unabashed pro-Israel movie that Hollywood ever made was the 1960s-era “Cast a Giant Shadow” that starred Kirk Douglas. Subsequent movies about Israel, even by Jewish directors like Steven Spielberg (“Munich”) tend to take a dark, morally ambiguous, all sides are at fault direction.

It’s time to change that, taking advantage of star Gal Gadot being a veteran of the Israeli Army, and have Wonder Woman confront the soldiers of Gamal Abdul Nasser in the Six Day War that took place 50 years ago in June 1967.

One cannot be morally ambiguous about that conflict. The Arab states surrounding Israel wanted to obliterate the Jewish state, finishing the job that Hitler began.

Imagine the rage that the terrorists and their enablers in the West will feel if Diana Prince helps out in the righteous task of liberating Jerusalem and showing the world that Israel was here to stay.