"Big Brother” is back, and so is your boy, Paul Abrahamian. Last summer’s “Big Brother” runner-up returned to the CBS summertime house as part of a last-minute houseguest “swap” twist during the two-hour Season 19 premiere. But with so many Big Brother alums to choose from, why did Abrahamian become the lone cast member to get a ticket back into the house and second chance at the show’s $500,000 grand prize?

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, “Big Brother executive producers Rich Meehan and Alison Grodner revealed why Paul was at the top of their returnee wishlist. Meehan noted that during his original season, Abrahamian was “a memorable character, played a great game and made it to final two and didn't win.” The EP added that “a lot of people thought he should have won.”

Grodner agreed that many fans felt that Paul Abrahamian was “robbed” when he lost out to returning player Nicole Franzel last season.

Reaction to Paul’s return

Many "Big Brother" veterans were happy to see that Paul was invited back for a second chance on the CBS reality show, including several of his Season 18 housemates. Others, like past "Big Brother" winners Andy Herren and Evel Dick Donato, said that while they like Paul, they don’t like when former houseguests are brought back to the show—especially in back-to-back seasons. Donato also doesn’t like the fact that Paul was given three weeks of guaranteed safety from eviction.

As for those Big Brother” veterans and superfans who don’t like the idea of returning houseguests, Grodner admitted that bringing just one person back “shouldn't skew things too much for people that don't appreciate that.”

While Paul Abrahamian clearly has a target on his back as the sole returner to the show, the “Big Brother” EPs pointed to past players Rachel Reilly and Nicole Franzel, who both returned to the "Big Brother" house for a redo and ended up winning the game during their second seasons.

Grodner said if anyone could survive being the sole returner in the house of newbies “he's definitely the one.”

Does Paul have a real-life ‘friendship’ in the BB19 house?

Of course, Paul may not be completely alone in the "Big Brother" game. Abrahamian was photographed with fellow houseguest Raven Walton after he played a show with his band, Reviver, in Arkansas.

It is unclear if the duo’s connection goes further than that, but he definitely has at least one fan in the house.

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