After her scandal with DeMario jackson, Corinne Olympios is reportedly blaming the producers of "Bachelor in Paradise." According to TMZ, the model was in a blackout state when she got sexual with her co-star, and now, Olympios blames the production for not stopping it. She claims the show did not make a move to protect her.

However, sources and other people who saw the controversial video say she is completely aware of what is happening. On the other hand, witnesses close to Corinne revealed that she was drunk the entire day when she ended up in the pool with DeMario.

While she claims not to remember anything, everything seems crystal clear to her male counterpart.

De Mario Jackson details sexual contact with Olympios

According to the earlier mentioned source, De Mario remembers "rubbing, touching and fingering to licking her genitals." Them hooking up was part of the producers' instruction while filming on Sunday. The following day, De Mario shared that he and Olympios were actually getting along after the previous day shoot.

To their surprise, the executive producer called them on Tuesday citing that what they filmed was 'uncomfortable.' The said producer filed a formal complaint against Warner, which immediately resulted in the show's suspension.

Olympios blames production

Olympios claimed her co-stars had told her everything that happened the following day. She added that her fellow cast members approached the production team as well, telling them that she was not in the right state to engage in a sexual activity. Unfortunately, the crew reportedly ignored their warning.

The production team immediately denied this allegation, saying the cast did not voice out any concern about the incident. Meanwhile, Corinne further explained she has a boyfriend and would not have done such thing intentionally. It would definitely endanger her relationship especially that the scandal happened with all the cameras rolling.

On a brighter note, the earlier outlet revealed Corinne does not entirely blame De Mario for what happened as he was too drunk as well. For now, she decided to take legal action against the producers. There were several versions of the story, and Warner Bros. has conducted a full investigation to confirm it.

Furthermore, the news received several reactions from the public saying that it was racism due to a black man involved in the issue. Who do you think is at fault in this controversy? Share your thoughts in the comment section!