Aja Metoyer and her sister Cristen are newcomers to "Basketball Wives" this season. Aside from Aja being Dwyane Wade's baby mama, most VH1 fans don't know much about the sisters but it looks like they'll be telling each others' secrets and bringing a lot of drama in upcoming episodes.

Aja outs Cristen over miscarriage drama

Recently, Cristen was featured in a "Basketball Wives" episode when Evelyn Lozada tried to give her a makeover. The plan to make Cristen pretty was not meant to be cruel, however, she definitelly didn't take the surprise well.

Evelyn ended up crying when Cristen revealed that her feelings hurt and the stylist she brought on board didn't help things when she kept taking digs at Cristen.

The whole reason for the makeover was supposedly to help Cristen feel good about herself again. She had allegedly been suffering after having a miscarraige and the women (specifically Evelyn) felt that she needed a bit of a pick-me-up.

Leave it to Cristen's sister Aja to blow everyone's minds when she claimed that Cristen didn't have a miscarriage. She claims it was an abortion instead and that her sister was telling everyone a sad story about the loss of her child when instead, she claims it was intentional. In a teaser for the upcoming episode, Aja is seen talking about Cristen with her friend Saniy'yah and gets real honest about her feelings for her half-sister.

"Yes, Cristen is my sister but my mom and Cristen’s mom legit hate each other. You think we’re gonna like each other?" Aja says to her friend.

That's when Sanay'yah tells Aja about the makeover plot and how upset Evelyn got when she found out that Cristen wasn't receiving her thoughtfulness well. That's when Aja puts Cristen on blast, letting everyone know that the miscarriage story might be made up.

"That’s what we call it? Losing babies? Okay, aborting a baby. She’s so manipulative, it makes me sick," Aja said.

Aja has some skeletons too

Most might already know that Aja Metoyer is the mother of Dwyane Wade's youngest child. The kicker is that AJa was the side chick and everyone knows about it. She reportedly got pregnant with Dwyane's baby when he was ona "break" from his current wife, Gabrielle Union.

However, based on a post she made back in 2013, it looks like she was much more than just a girl he dated while on a break.

Black Sports Online posted a message that Aja posted online back during the Dwyane Wade baby mama drama. While she's not allowed to speak on Dwyane on "Basketball Wives" due to her custody and child support arrangement (allegedly,) there's still plenty of information out there.

Based on what Aja wrote, she was in and out of Dwyane Wade's house when Gabrielle wasn't around. She even slept on her side of the bed in the bedroom that Gabrielle and Dwyane shared. In the scathing post, she ripped Gabrielle Union for making Valentine's Day photo books and told her that she should plump up her backside because Dwyane Wade likes "fat a**es" and that she should look into getting one.

It's no wonder that some of the women on "Basketball Wives" who have actually been wives and not side chicks are looking at the Metoyer sisters with a bit of side eye. While both Aja and Cristen may have been pulling off some scandelous stunts prior to their days on the show, letting them unleash each other's skeletons is certainly good for upping the drama.