Filming of ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" was halted recently due to an alleged sexual misconduct incident involving two of its cast members, DeMario jackson and Corinne Olympios. Blasting News has previously reported that one of the producers supposedly saw the two engage in such activity while filming for the TV series. Get to know what Jackson has to say about the issue.

DeMario Jackson speaks up about 'Bachelor over Paradise' sexual misconduct issue

In an interview with Inside Edition, Jackson said that he does not blame anyone one from the show's production but he wants "the truth to come out.” He added that he feels the truth will surface if the videos of the incident are released and shown publicly.

Jackson, 30, took a hard hit from the show's scandal, as he lost his job because of it. He was an executive recruiter before he joined "Bachelor in Paradise."

“My character has been assassinated, my family name has been drug through the mud,” Jackson said to Inside Edition. The cast member also revealed that he had to stay and hide at a relative's house because of the severe public scrutiny.

Jackson has sought the help of attorney Walter Mosley and said that he will "be taking swift and appropriate legal action" until his name is cleared. As advised by his legal counsel, he will be seeking all available solutions entitled under the law.

Did producers have anything to do with the incident?

Meanwhile, a report from PEOPLE said that the show's producers might have had something to do with how the show's contestants were behaving.

Did they condone the wild behavior?

Many questions surround the supposed scandal. One of them is do producers intervene when things are going to far (contestants drinking too much)?

“Producers aren’t forcing people to do questionable things,” said a former producer to PEOPLE. “There are no storylines written. The worst thing they’ll do is let people know that the people who succeed here tend to make a lot of friends, or find someone to be in a relationship with.”

It was agreed upon that alcohol is very much available on set and is indeed consumed heavily by many cast members.

It is surely not forced upon the contestants but could producers be encouraging it?

A "Bachelor in Paradise" season 2 contestant, Tenley Molzahn gave a statement to PEOPLE and confirmed that they were free to act on their own decisions, He added he was "not expected to do anything outside" of his own will.

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