The "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal is getting even crazier. After allegations were made that two contestants, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, may have been involved in some sexual misconduct during a drunken hookup the first week of filming, the show has shut down production and sent home the contestants. Corinne is now getting a lawyer, and it looks like things could get even uglier.

TMZ reports that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson got very hot and heavy during their brief stint on "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4. The two allegedly were both very drunk and began to hookup, which led them to the swimming pool where things got even more heated.

Although the two did not reportedly have sexual intercourse, a lot of sexual contact allegedly happened despite other contestants voicing their concerns over Corinne's inebriated state. Now, Reality Steve claims that Corinne has "lawyered up" and her sources are spilling details to the media.

Corinne says she didn't give consent to any sexual contact with DeMario

Corinne is allegedly claiming that she did not consent to sexual contact with DeMario and is blaming producers for not breaking up the hookup and protecting her while she was mentally incapacitated. Reports claim that Olympios was drunk the entire day of filming "Bachelor in Paradise" and was told by fellow cast members that she may not be in a position to consent to sexual activity with Jackson.

However, production sources are claiming that no one spoke up to insist that Corinne was too drunk to make a decision, and sources who have seen the tape of the hookup are alleging that Corinne looks lucid and fully engaged in the hookup.

Meanwhile, Corinne Olympios is reportedly telling her friends that she has a boyfriend and wouldn't have done anything with DeMario, especially with the cameras filming them, to jeopardize her current relationship.

Olympios is said to be blaming producers for not stopping the sexual contact and not DeMario, as he was drunk at the time as well. The former Bachelor villain has sought out legal over the situation.

Will the show be canceled for good?

Meanwhile, "Bachelor in Paradise" filming for Season 4 has officially been halted while an investigation is in the works.

Rumors are flying that the show will not continue filming and will be canceled either for Season 4 or perhaps entirely. Viewers are now furious over the allegations and the possible cancelation of the fan-favorite summer series.