The Apple Iphone 8 is among the hottest topics in the technology industry at the moment. There have been numerous speculations and leaks regarding the smartphone ever since 2017 began. As per rumors, it has been assumed that the upcoming iPhone 8 will come packed with a 3D camera and a touch-screen home button that will locate in the front panel of the display, which will further be accompanied by an edge-to-edge display.

Screen protectors offer clue

Now a new UK-based retailer has apparently opened up pre-orders for a lineup of screen protectors for the upcoming high-end smartphone.

It is interesting to note how this has arrived even before Apple has confirmed the launch of the speculated iPhone 8 this year. The design and building of the protective case have pretty much confirmed all the rumoured specifications and features that iPhone 8 is apparently going to come with. According to a report published by The Sun, Apple's upcoming smartphone casing are priced between ranges of $10.99 to $26.49.

What else?

The website is called, 'Mobile Fun,' and is selling a new line-up of screen protectors for the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. As per reports, the Screen Protector is made using an ultra-thin full covered curved tempered glass that is based on Olixar so that it retains its toughness.

The description of the screen protector reads that the product packs a completely edge-to-edge screen protection for the upcoming iPhone 8. Moreover, the glass also consists of cut-outs for major features of the iPhone 8 including the front camera and ports. What is interesting to note is that the screen protector does not consist of a cutout for the home button.

Therefore, it is assumed that the device won't be coming with a home button, thereby confirming that the smartphone will carry an embedded home button in the display itself.

According to a recent report published by 9to5Mac, the retailer has even created several mock-ups of the upcoming flagship. The website claims that the designs of the devices are based on these mock-ups.

It goes without saying that Apple hasn't confirmed any news regarding the upcoming iPhone 8 device as the company is traditionally known to not leak information related to their major launches until the actual launch of the device. According to reports, Apple is also working on a dual rear camera setup. However, no details of the same were revealed through the screen protector either.