Amanda Bynes had so much potential that people believed she was going to be the next big thing in Hollywood. However, it seems that being in the public eye at a very young age was too much for the former child star to handle. Instead of taking her popularity as an opportunity to open more doors for her career, it unfortunately led her to a destructive path. Now, the “What A Girl Wants” actress is cleaning up her act and revealed that she’s ready for a comeback in a new interview.

Even though she was considered one of the most promising Hollywood stars of her generation, nothing much has been said about Amanda Bynes in the past few years except for her odd behavior and multiple run-ins with the law.

But the former Nickelodeon star speaks out for the first time in four years to prove that she’s ready for a new beginning, without her wigs and eccentric clothing.

Amanda finally cleans up her act

Speaking with Hollyscoop’s Diana Madison, Amanda Bynes revealed that she is enrolled in a fashion school, she is definitely sober, and she’s going to start acting again. The talk show host was clearly overjoyed after hearing the 31-year-old actress’ plan to return to Hollywood, but viewers were not quite happy with the interview.

"Yes!" The host gleefully shouted for joy after the troubled star's revelation. "I have been a fan of yours for years, so hearing that is so amazing. I am so happy I have goosebumps all around me," she said.

Many believed that Diana Madison played it safe with Amanda Bynes because she was a fan of the former Nickelodeon star and was probably starstruck. But the talk show host revealed that having a light conversation with the actress was the actual plan.

Host receives death threats after interview with former child star

In Touch reports that after her exclusive sit down with Amanda Bynes, Diana Madison shared that she has received Death threats for not asking the “She’s The Man” actress the tough questions.

The talk show host then shared that she is going to talk about the more serious stuff in the next interview.

"It’s crazy, I’m getting all these death threats from people saying 'Why didn’t you ask her serious questions?' but I had to go with Amanda’s flow and what she wanted to do at the time," Diana Madison said. She then explained that she also wanted to know more about what really happened to the actress but she was testing the waters first before asking about the juicy details.