After "Alaskan Bush People" Season 6 aired its final episode, the waiting game for Season 7 started. While there's a lack of official confirmation from the Discovery Channel that the show is returning for another season, it has been rumored that the docu-series has already started filming.

Family members spotted

A Twitter user, NayNay (@rittgerscr), shared that some members of the Brown Family are already filming. They have been spotted being flown in and out of Browntown in float planes. The production for "Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 reportedly started on May 8.

She also teased that there has been an unexpected turn of events, which has led to the show taking a different path.

"Alaskan Bush People" Season 6 left off with Noah thinking about moving his girlfriend Rhain Alicia into Browntown. Rhain Alicia is having a difficult time finding a job in Hoonah, which may force her to return to Oregon. So in the upcoming season, fans will see whether or not Alicia will move in with Noah and join the rest of the Brown family in the wild.

Another thing that the next season of "Alaskan Bush People" may feature is the romance between Bam Bam and Kelly Kagan, a TV producer on the show. The two were recently spotted holding hands at a boat show. They were also previously spotted hanging out in a bar in New York.

Ami Brown diagnosed with cancer?

While patriarch Billy has been having seizures, his wife Ami is now rumored to be suffering from cancer, as reported by Radar Online. Ami is reportedly getting treatment in a facility in Los Angeles.

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If rumors turn out to be true, this would explain why "Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 could be the series finale.

The publication reached out to a spokesperson for the Brown family but failed to receive a comment regarding the cancer rumors. For years, Ami has been suffering from spinal problems. Two years ago, she revealed that she has cervical radiculitis, a form of nerve damage in the spine.

The cancer thing is quite a cruel rumor to spread, but fans hope it is not true. Ami's estranged family also shared with Radar Online that they are devastated to hear the news, but Ami refuses to speak with them, according to her brother Les, Branson.

Not long ago, "Alaskan Bush People" was being criticized for essentially being fake and/or scripted. Still, there are viewers who want to tune in to catch up with the Brown family, and they will certainly be able to do that, as the show is set to return for at least one more season.