The Attack last night at the Manchester Arena soon after a concert by popstar Ariana Grande has come as another shocking example of the global terrorist threat that plagues nations all across the world. What is even more shocking about the attack is that the majority of people at the arena were teenagers and children. The police has now released the death toll and injury that makes for grim reading.

One of the worst attacks in UK

Following a night of complete and utter shock in Manchester, the figures have now slowly started to emerge from the carnage.

As of this point, 22 people are reported dead while 59 are injured and in addition to that plenty of people are missing, in the aftermath of the attack. The bomb, which has been described as an 'improvised device' was detonated by a single person. Ambulances rushed to the area in order to tend to the disaster that unfolded and people have been taken to hospitals across Manchester to tend to their injuries or to make an effort to revive those who might have been assumed dead. Social media have proven to be an excellent tool for those looking to find the whereabouts of missing people and, in addition to that, a help line has also been established. The helpline number is 0161 856 9400. Messages of solidarity have been pouring in from all over the world in the light of this gruesome attack.

US President Donald Trump branded the perpetrators of the grisly attacks as 'evil losers' in his inimitable style.

Threat levels had been high

According to security correspondent of the BBC, Gordon Corera, the threat levels in relation to terror attacks had been classified as being 'severe' over the past three years. Ever since the attack in Westminster in March earlier this year, the security establishment had issued warnings about terror attacks in other parts of the country.

The attack in Westminster was carried out without the usage of guns or bombs and the warnings from the security establishment had stated that similar attacks were in fact possible in locations across the United Kingdom. However, it needs to be remembered that in spite of close monitoring of the purchase of any explosives in the country, the attacker had been able to build an 'improvised' explosive and that is something that should set alarm bells ringing within the MI5. The Manchester attack is perhaps somewhat similar to the attack at the Bataclan in Paris back in 2015, but then again, there were multiple attackers and had also used guns on innocent people.