Wonder Woman” is being showcased on the big screen this June. It is one of the most anticipated summer films, and Gal Gadot is excited about the project. The Israeli model took it to Twitter last night to share her experience about “Wonder Woman.” Gadot says that she had grown up watching superhero movies, but never thought that one day she would play a female superhero.

Gal went on a strict diet and learned martial arts to be fit for the role. Fans will be surprised to know that she was pregnant with her second child in those days. Firstly, Gadot refused to play Princess Diana; but Beyonce motivated her to accept the challenge.

Gal Gadot on playing a superhero

Gal Gadot walked the red carpet of “Wonder Woman” in Hollywood this weekend. She told Variety that she had worked hard in the movie and looked forward to fans’ response. Mostly, the superhero characters are made for men, but it’s the first time when a female is playing the same role. Gadot added that it was a golden opportunity for her to play Princess Diana. This character is full of strengths and powers. Diana is a brave and courageous woman who is always ready to accept the challenges.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, “Wonder Woman” is the first live-action movie being directed and co-produced by a female. It cost Patty over $110 million in production and $60 million in international marketing. According to Gal, Hollywood needs female writers, directors, and producers in a significant number.

The actress on ‘Wonder Woman’ premiere

Gal Gadot was set to attend the “Wonder Woman” premiere in London but canceled the plans due to a terrorist attack in the United Kingdom. On Tuesday, the actress arrived for “Good Morning America” in a blue Diane von Furstenberg outfit with matching shoes and handbag to promote her upcoming movie.

No doubt, Gadot is actively participating in the film promotions and hopes that it will receive positive comments from critics and audiences.

Her other notable movies are “Fast & Furious,” “Date Night,” “Knight and Day,” “Fast & Furious 6,” “Kicking Out Shoshana,” “Triple 9,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Criminal,” “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” and “Justice League.”

Gal Gadot told Variety that she gained over 15 pounds for the character, and had to face various problems due to pregnancy.

The World Premiere of “Wonder Woman” took place in Shanghai on May 15, 2017, while its London premiere was scheduled for May 31, 2017. It got canceled due to the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing. The film will hit the United States cinemas on June 2, 2017, and is projected to gross over $45 million in the opening weekend.

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