Warner Bros. new film, “Wonder Woman,” came on tracking last night with projections at an estimated $60 million-plus. Deadline reports that the movie trailers and posters look incredible. Gal Gadot has already made everyone crazy, so it’s easy to assume that the film will earn at least $70 million in the opening weekend.

Currently, its opening weekend is on par with the blockbusters “Captain America: First Avenger,” and “Thor,” which grossed $60 and $65 million, respectively. Critics claim that though the movie is made for younger audiences, it will not pull in 55% over age 35.

Warner Bros. behind the mega-budget film

For almost two years, Warner Bros. is in the news for its long-awaited superhero movie, which is projected to gross over $900 million worldwide. Previously, its “Superman V. Batman: Dawn Of Justice” earned $840 million at the global box office. The studio showed interest in developing a brand new TV series of the same name starring Adrianne Palicki but did not move forward to the project.

Tickets for “Wonder Woman” have gone on sale at AMC Theaters, while advance sales kick off tonight for the Rega chain. It is intended to be the fifth installment in the DC Universe and a direct sequel to 2011 television series of the same name.

“Wonder Woman” is written and directed by Patty Jenkins, with Allan Heinberg serving as executive producer.

The story revolves around a young lady, Diana Princess, who rushes to the island of Themyscira to stop the war. She is given tough times by her rivals and eventually becomes wonder woman. Principal photography started in late November 2015 and ended in October 2016. The film will swing into theaters on June 2, 2017.

Gal Gadot in ‘Wonder Woman.'

In a statement to Mashable, Gal Gadot said that Princess Diana leaves her native land for London, and aims to bring an early end to the battle. She is a daughter of Hippolyta and has great powers and strengths to accomplish her mission.

At the same time, Diana is a woman with soft heart and emotional intelligence. She is ready to accept all challenges and wants to defeat the enemies as early as possible.

Gadot further describes her character in “Wonder Woman” is far different from the female lead of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Diana Princess is a super-confident and experienced woman. She knows how to deal with problems in an effective manner. Gadot practiced martial arts, gained over 20 pounds, and underwent a diet and training regimen to be a fit for the role.