20th Century Fox and Marvel Television has now released a full-length video trailer for their upcoming "X-Men" television series, titled "The Gifted." The companies have been releasing teaser videos and photos for the past couple of weeks, but most of them didn't really reveal any solid details regarding the show's storyline.

However, the new trailer is different as it basically shows the entire setup of the series and how it will eventually unfold into a massive fight-for-survival scenario.

The setup

Based on the scenes revealed in the almost 3-minute long trailer, the story will initially revolve around two children, namely Lauren and Andy Strucker.

Lauren is played by Canadian actress Natalie Alyn Lind, while Andy is played by newcomer Percy Hynes White.

Both are just starting to learn about their powers and are teaching each other how to control it. However, due to an incident at their high school, Andy loses control and unleashes his abilities. The two immediately gets the attention of government agents who are now determined to capture them.

On the run

As was previously stated by the show's producers, the series will mainly be focusing on the Strucker family and how they will be running away from the government and trying to find refuge.

Reed Strucker, played by "True Blood" actor Stephen Moyer, and his wife Caitlin, played by "Person of Interest" actress Amy Acker, are determined to save their children from those that are after them.

The family will eventually join an underground community of mutants, who are also fighting against the government agents. The trailer gives fans their first look at some of the underground mutants, which includes its leader John Proudstar, played by Blair Redford.

Taking place in the same universe

"The Gifted" is revealed to be directly connected to the "X-Men" film series, which means that the events that happened in the films are also happening or have happened within the show's universe.

The show is the second series connected to the film franchise following FX's "Legion" cable television series. The new trailer even showcases a scene where one character talks about the "X-Men" and about the "brotherhood."

Fox and Marvel Television have not yet announced when the show will premiere, but they did mention that it was going to air during the 2017 to 2018 television season.

The show also stars Tean Teale, Coby Bell, Emma Dumont, Blair Redford, and Jamie Chung.

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