Fans have been wondering if Sarah Herron will return to "Bachelor in Paradise" again this summer to try and find love. A lot of the time they bring back people who were on the show before and unable to find their perfect match. So far, the show hasn't worked out for her. Bustle actually shared that Sarah won't be back again and it is because she has found a new man. There is no reason to join the show if she already has love in her life. Sarah is moving on and very happy about it.

Who is this new guy in Sarah Herron's life?

Sarah Herron actually went to her Instagram page to share the news that she wouldn't be coming back again.

She revealed it by showing a picture with her new boyfriend Dylan Brown. Along with the picture, Sarah said "Happily not returning to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. #ParadiseFound #Sarahdise #adventurebuds ...but I will miss Jorge." She must have not heard the news that Jorge doesn't have plans to come back either this season, which upset a lot of fans and people on the show. The fans are sad she won't be there, but also everyone loves knowing that she has found love and is doing well.

Sarah Herron has been sharing photos of him on social networks. He isn't a reality television guy. A lot of people end up dating someone else in Bachelor Nation, but that isn't where Sarah went with her new man.

Her new man is a photographer and he hasn't shared any pictures of her on his Instagram yet. They seem to be very happy so far, and it was enough to convince Sarah to avoid going on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer. Hopefully, she has found the perfect man for her and it will end up lasting.

Dylan Brown is very active and involved in extreme sports.

He looks like a guy who knows how to have a good time. He really likes to enjoy himself. He also loves traveling and doing things that are outside. Everyone knows that Sarah Herron also likes doing things outside, so this makes them a great match. The fans hope that Sarah tells them more about her man soon, but so far, she isn't sharing too many details just yet.

Once they are dating a bit longer, she will probably end up sharing more.

Are you happy to hear that Sarah Herron has found love? Did you want to see her back on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "The Bachelorette" with Rachel Lindsay when it starts airing on May 22. When her season is done airing, it will be time for "Bachelor in Paradise" to start.