In recent weeks, Sean Hannity has come under fire for pushing a debunked conspiracy theory on his nightly Fox News program. After the network retracted the story, Hannity refused to back down, resulting in three advisers pulling their products from his show.

Hannity on Twitter

Last summer, Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was killed in Washington, D.C. after multiple gun shot wounds. Authorities believe he was the victim of a robbery, which had become prevalent in the neighborhood at that time. Despite the reports from law enforcement, some right-wing news outlets and conspiracy theorists claimed, without credible evidence, that the 27-year-old old Rich was murdered after allegedly leaking information about Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks.

No proof has been released to back up these claims, but that hasn't stopped those on the far right to continue their campaign of questionable information in an apparent attempt to demonize the opposition. In recent weeks, Sean Hannity has highlighted the conspiracy, which prompted a member of the Rich family to contact Fox News and express their displeasure with the coverage. The network offered a public retraction, which left Hannity alone to defend himself. In the aftermath, three sponsors, including, have pulled their ads from the show, which led to the Fox News host lashing out on Twitter, which was evident in a series of posts on May 24.

Taking to his Twitter account on Wednesday night, Sean Hannity was not pleased with the backlash he's been getting, going as far as accusing several high-profiled critics of being conspiracy theorists.

"Clinton/Soros group wont list Colbert, Maddow, Cooper, Hayes sponsors. Huge Conspiracy theorists. Should I list them? Fight fire with Fire?" Hannity tweeted.

"Destroy Trump media that falsely reported I had not contacted Seth Rich family.

(Talked to relative last th)" Sean Hannity wrote on Twitter, before adding "Now saying 'Fox made me say what I said last night.' Another LIE. What I said came from my heart and from me, and NOBODY told me to say it. Destroy Trump Media lies."

Hannity on Maher

Sean Hannity didn't stop there, as the conservative host singled out Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher for making "jokes" about Donald Trump, complaining that the media doesn't hold them to a high standard but instead attacks him for his promotion of a conspiracy theory.

"Interesting Real Time can make incest so called "jokes" about Ivanka and Colbert can make vile comments about @POTUS @MMFA SILENT #hypocrisy," Hannity tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet about Bill Maher, Sean Hannity continued to dig in. "Media Matters lie. @GoAngelo U said outrageous things. But I BELIEVE in free speech. Will u List Colbert, Real Time sponsors? They r liberal," he added. With the pressure mounting, it appears Hannity is being backed into a corner and not going down without a fight.