More than a year has passed; fans are still waiting for the renewal of Wayward Pinesseason 3. Although Fox has yet to announce its revival, the network’s chairman Gary Newman assured that the show would definitely return.

He promised that they would give their best shot to give the mystery, science fiction television series another go in spite of the poor ratings its previous season received. In fact, it has been said that the talks for a possible third season of the show based on Blake Crouch’s novel with the same title are now ongoing.

The third season now in discussion

“’Wayward [Pines]’ is not canceled, but it will not be on this summer,” Newman told Deadline. He explained that the television series develops a little slow so, unfortunately, fans won’t get to see it this summer. He said that they are still talking about it and there is a big possibility that it will be right back on Fox.

He went on to reveal that the discussions about its casting are now happening, although they are much more giving their attention to unscripted shows for this season. Newman was talking about their reality television series like “Kicking & Screaming” that already aired on March 9. They, too, already renewed “American Grit” for the second season that is set to be released on June 11.

An approved proposal

Moreover, even though nothing is confirmed yet about the future of “Wayward Pines” Season 3, the Fox CEO Dana Walden revealed at 2016’s TCA press tour that they already prepared a “compelling plan” for the show’s renewal. As a matter of fact, she did approve the proposal and just waiting for the other pieces to come together that will be the concept of the new installment.

The businesswoman admitted that they are not yet sure what they are going to see when the multi-platform rolls up and how big the audience they can be catering. Evidently, neither of the two big bosses denies nor confirms the coming of the television series’ third chapter. Thus fans are still hoping the show will still see the light of the day.

Fans still hoping for the third season to come

If “Wayward Pines” Season 3 will be a given the go-ahead, it might feature a deeper story of the female Abbies, who are introduced in the previous season. Also, viewers have been waiting to know the back stories of some of the show’s characters that can be featured in the new chapter. As there are a lot of cliffhangers the second installment left, a renewal will be much appreciated by the many.