The CW network is continuing its foray into DC comic superheroes with yet another project that will be bringing to life one of the most popular African-American superheroes. A new show, called "Black Lighting," has been ordered by the network for a full first season. The show will be based on the DC Comic Book Series of the same name, which features the gold medal-winning Olympic decathlete Jefferson Pierce and his alter ego, Black Lightning.

Betting on superheroes

The network currently has four DC comics-based television shows running, namely "The Flash," "Arrow," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow." The upcoming new series will be the network's fifth DC-based show on the network.

Several reports have confirmed that the network has ordered for a full season to be made for "Black Lighting," which will be released for the 2017 to 2018 TV season.

In addition to ordering the first season, the network also released a brand new image that gives fans their first look at the live-action "Black Lightning" character. Playing the role of the electrifying superhero is the "Hard of Dixie" actor, Cress Williams. Similar to the other DC television shows, the character has been created to look as close as possible to the one depicted in the comics. William's is shown to be wearing a black and blue ensemble, which includes the hero's signature goggles.

An iconic character

The superhero is quite an iconic character in the comic book world as he is actually the first African-American superhero to get his own standalone comic book series.

Ever since his debut back in 1977, the character has become part of other storylines and has appeared alongside other well-known superheroes such as Batman and Superman.

Black Lightning is a metahuman that possesses the power to generate electromagnetic energy and bio-electric fields. This allows him to blast electricity from his body, fly in limited bursts, and create an electro-magnetic shield around himself.

Possible storyline

Instead of being an origin story about the character, the upcoming show will reportedly be showing him coming out of retirement. A series of events will apparently make the character decide to take up the mantle of the "Black Lighting" once again to seek justice. If the show does stick close to its source material, the show will most likely be taking place in the city of Metropolis. Pierce actually lives in a shady neighborhood within the city called Southside, a.k.a. Suicide Slum, which is riddled with organized criminal gangs, corrupt officials, and shady corporations.