Hey, "Supergirl" fans. We've definitely got some very interesting things that will be going down in this new episode 21 of season 2, because we'll be finally seeing the return of Calista Flockhart aka Cat Grant back into the mix. Unfortunately, we don't know what the heck she'll be doing. Also, we've got Supergirl, trying to figure out if she should just totally disobey the President's orders when it comes to this crazy situation with evil Rhea. The CW is our source for these spoiler teasers via their recent episode press release.


It turns out that "Resist" is the name they decided to go with as the title for this installment.

They made sure to put in all capital letters that we'll be seeing Cat Grant return. Unfortunately, they kept that particular storyline extremely vague, offering up no other details other than that very fact that she'll be back in National City at some point.

So, for sure, the big question for this storyline is: why in the hell is Cat Grant back? How long will she be back for? We wanna know, got dammit! Anyways, hopefully, we might catch a glimpse of why she's there in the new preview clip for episode 21. We expect The CW to release it right after episode 20 wraps up later on tonight, so you'll want to be sure you look out for it.

All shook up

Continuing on with this description, they let us know what Supergirl will be up to.

Apparently, this Rhea situation is going to have her all shook up to the point that she will actually start to contemplate whether or not she should totally disobey what the President has ordered in regards to this problem.

Season 3 confirmed

Will Supergirl go ahead and disobey? Or will she stay in line? Something tells me she might be forced to disobey, knowing how crazy Rhea is.

Whatever the case, this one sounds like it will quite a pivotal episode, leading into the big season finale episode 22. That's right. Episode 22 will be the season finale. But don't worry. The show has already been renewed for a brand new season three!

CW has yet to release the official promo pics for this thing, so unfortunately, we can't share any intel from those at the moment.

That means that we have reached the end of out little spoiler segment for episode 21. Again though. There should be a new preview clip that gets released later on tonight. Be sure to check for it on Youtube, or you can watch it as soon as it airs if you're watching tonight's episode, Live.

We've got Millicent Shelton listed as the director for this episode, and the writing team of: Jessica Queller & Derek Simon as the writers. We can also officially tell you that episode 21 is set to air next Monday night, May 15th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.