On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital" Robin and Emma run into "Anna" at the airport. She is acting strange and giving answers that don't make sense. She says she is headed to London on an assignment and asks Emma for a kiss. The child pulls away, saying no because this woman is not her grandmother. Minutes later the real Anna Devane shows up. Robin and Emma are stunned, as they see double. They are looking at Anna's twin cousin Alex.

Alex versus Anna

Alex impersonated Anna on "General Hospital" years ago. No one has even mentioned her in the ensuing years.

This time around, fans began noticing something strange about Anna within the last 5 or 6 weeks. She became obsessed with Valentine Cassadine, tracking him with a bug in his watch and following him everywhere. Anna often displayed a calculating, cold, cruel personality. At times her facial expression and hand gestures were different.

Anna and Mr. Cassidine had been WSB spies together decades before. Now Anna seemed obsessed with finding the Chimira that Valentine had sold. He refused to answer her, and Anna became more determined to find out what he knows.

Some viewers believed that Liesl Obretch was impersonating Ms Devane, as she did a few years ago using a wig. Fans noticed that the last time the real Anna was around, was during a conversation with Obretch at "General Hospital."Liesel had previously worked for the WSB, so it stands to reason she may be the one grilling Valentine for information on the Chimera.

The truth about Ms. Devane

Those believing Obretch to be the culprit were wrong. Somehow Alex switched places with her look alike cousin, and the real Anna was sedated in a hospital bed in London England. Anna however regained consciousness, and headed back home to Port Charles. Kudo's to the GH writers for not stretching out this double spy twin cousin drama.

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Now we have Robin and Emma in the airport seeing double. Little Emma has great instincts as she easily realized the woman in front of her was not her grandmother.

Will Alex make a run for the plane, leaving answers and her cousin behind? Perhaps she will stay and fill her look alike in on what is going on with the Chimera. The drama will unfold on Friday, and it should be good.

It's May sweeps and also the annual "General Hospital" Nurses Ball. Anna, Alex, Valentine and others will probably at some point all make their way back to Cassedine Island, as this is where it all began. And where the answers surely will be found.