On the second episode of ABC's "The Bachelorette," Rachel Lindsay starts dating her remaining suitors. There are tears, drama and roses as she tries to find the one. This week, we have two group dates and one on one. The group date has the guys vying for alone time and the special date rose, while the one on one has the guy wondering if he will get a rose or be sent home.

Group date 1

Dean, Jack, Jonathan, Blake, Fred, Iggy, Kenny, Brett and Lucas are on this date. The clue is 'I am looking for husband material.' The date opens with them having a BBQ and enjoying some food, drinks and good company.

They also play a game of football, which is quite interesting to watch.The guys are annoyed by Lucas aka Whaboom guy. Blake says he knows he is garbage and only there to be famous.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis surprise everyone with an appearance. They are so cute together and I love how they began watching because of Jared. The cute couple have the guys compete in a ‘husband’ obstacle course, which includes changing diapers. Somehow Lucas wins and I have no clue what to say. He was actually pretty cute, if not a bit hyperactive. WHABOOM! The guys are not happy and want to get rid of Lucas.

Afterward, Rachel spends one on one time with each guy. Lucas reads her a letter and continues to surprise her.

She reconnects with Fred, who she remembers as the ‘bad kid’ when she was his camp counselor. Rachel admits she isn’t feeling a connection with any of the guys. Apparently, Blake lived with Lucas’s ex. This is how he knows Lucas isn’t there for the right reasons. This causes the two guys to get into a fight. Dean gets a kiss and the rose.

Date 2

Pete gets the coveted one on one date with the clue 'I am looking for my best friend.' He is excited about the date, but she warns him that is a 2-on-1 date—with her dog. Luckily, Peter and Copper hit it off right away. Of course, the date includes time at Bark Fest. It’s pretty sweet and cute. At dinner, they talk about their tooth gaps, families, why he is single and past relationships.

He gets a rose. She is a smitten kitten over him and has butterflies. Insert fireworks….literally.

Date 3

Will, Jamey, Diggy, Alex, Adam, Lee, Matt, Eric, Josiah and DeMario are on this date. The clue is Swish.

This is a basketball date that features no other than Kareem Abdul Jabbar. It is a surreal experience for everyone, especially because it means that they get to shoot hoops with him. After the game, a girl comes up to Rachel and claims that she is DeMario’s girlfriend. The girls talk and Rachel finds out this poor girl was ghosted by DeMario and a few days later, saw him on After The Final Rose. Rachel grabs DeMario and he is confronted by hi girlfriend Lexi. He claims she is a psycho ex but she claims he is a liar.

However, she has the text messages to back it up. Needless to say, he is kicked out and sent home. He claims this is nuts and that his character has been assassinated.

Rachel tells the guys what happened with DeMario and she tells them that if they aren’t here for the right reasons, they can leave. Everyone is upset and shocked over this. They still go through with the after party, but it seems like there is a damper on the mood. She spends time with each guy and finally gives a rose to Josiah.

Cocktail party

DeMario tries to return, but the security guards tell him to wait while they get her and Chris Harrison. We will have to wait until next week to see what happens.