Things are getting more exciting for "The 100" Season 4, episode 12 wherein Clarke will try to rescue a friend. The episode which is titled "The Chosen" features Clarke in a dangerous situation while Jaha and Kane will figure out what is the best thing to do.

To recall, episode 11 titled "The Other Side" feature a heartbreaking goodbye between Jasper and Monty while Raven fought for her brain and her life. Meanwhile, Clarke admitted her mistake, and the Blake siblings were reunited. What will happen in the next episode?

Episode 12 spoilers

The synopsis for the upcoming episode of "The 100" sees Clarke leading the group to save a friend which could be the start of her character's evolution.

Although many did not expect that she will be in that position of being a leader, it is actually where is at the moment.

Clarke will be making big decisions which will have an enormous impact on her future and that of the other's as well. She will form a group for the mission but at the same time, Jaha and Kane will clash over their opinions about what course of action to take that will affect their possible future. It is said that the two will disagree on how to handle the grim reality that they are about to face.

Viewers might also be seeing more deaths but Echo, Monty, Raven or Harper will surely refuse to go down without a fight. Many are also looking forward if Octavia will still stand by her claim that the Skaikru are not her people and if Jaha will face the consequences of his misdeeds.

Teasers also indicate that there might be an election or lottery to determine the 100 people who are worth saving which will obviously leave many people unhappy. It is also said that Skaikru or the Sky People will be causing most of the trouble.

Finale spoilers

Things will be more intense as it goes closer to the show's finale.

"The 100" only have two episodes left and season 4 will already wrap up. So, what can we expect for season 13 titled "Praimfaya"?

According to reports, the finale will feature Praimfaya's arrival and the struggle to survive as the catastrophe is about to arrive. Since Praimfaya or The Nuclear Apocalypse is already there, Clarke and the rest of the gang need to make some tough decisions.

Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke, said that the finale would be intense since it is the end of the world again and the people will see how Clarke will deal with the situation. She added that her character is losing it, but she is still determined to push through. The finale will be featuring a different side fo Clarke which will be interesting for the viewers.

"The 100" Season 4 Episode 12 will air on May 17 while episode 13 is set to air on May 24, 9:00 pm EST on The CW.