What a difference a few days makes. Of all the show cancellations that took place over the past few weeks, the one that NBC inflicted on “Timeless” seemed to be the most aggravating. “Timeless” depicted a trio of time travelers who were chasing a criminal throughout history to stop him from changing crucial events while at the same time unmasking a conspiracy so immense that it was spread out over time as well as space.

Now, however, the network has changed its mind and has, in effect, uncancelled “Timeless.” The show’s second season will occur sometime in 2018.

Why did NBC change its mind?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony TV, which co-produces the show along with NBC’s Universal Television, offered a greater share of the profits to the network in exchange for a 10 episode pickup.

It should be noted that “Timeless” finished with a 2.0 rating, not spectacular, but better than “Taken,” the show that replaced it in its timeslot, which has a 1.4 rating and has been renewed. The Time Travel adventure has become a family favorite with parents and children watching together.

What happens now with ‘Timeless?’

Originally, the thought had been to run the 10 episode second season of the series in the summer of 2018. Now the exact timing of the new season seems to be up in the air. It is conceivable that it could start as a midseason replacement, starting in January or February of 2018.

The series will also be moved to an earlier timeslot, eight o’clock eastern instead of ten, in recognition that “Timeless” has become a family friendly series.

Where were we when the last episode of the series aired (spoilers)?

The final episode of the first season had involved out heroes getting tangled in the 1950s McCarthy era and at a meeting of the Rittenhouse conspiracy. As a result of their adventures 60 or so years ago, they are able to acquire documents that may bring down the cabal that has been controlling events behind the scenes for centuries once and for all.

Flynn, the criminal who has been trying to destroy history, has been arrested moments after having been given the name of the man who ordered his family’s assassination. Lucy, having been assured of the restoration of her sister Amy to the timeline, tells her mother about time travel only to discover, to her horror, that she is a member of Rittenhouse as well.

That is where we left off, presumably to be picked up sometime in 2018.

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