The characters of “The 100” are constantly evolving, and Octavia Blake’s transformation is far from over. The CW post-apocalyptic drama is known for its staggering body count, and the road to apocalypse 2.0 will continue to use graves as mile markers. Now that Octavia (Marie Avgeropoloulos) is trapped on the wrong side of the bunker, viewers are wondering if the young warrior’s days are numbered.

What’s next for Octavia on ‘The 100’?

From girl under the floorboards, to vengeful assassin, to a savior of humanity, Octavia’s time on earth has been a whirlwind of terror, bravery, and heartbreak.

She’s witnessed the worst of mankind, both in orbit and on the ground. And yet, when push came to shove, the teen opted to share the only safe haven from Praimfaya. Now, as the denizens of Polis try to force entry into Skaikru’s bunker, Avgeropoloulos will peel back the layers on the youngest Blake sibling.

“She is incredibly equipped with her warrior skillset, but now you're going to also see a leadership side from her as well,” the actress previewed, according to TV Insider. “You're going to see another layer and another transformation from Octavia."

How long will this transformation last? Is Octavia capable of regressing just like her Bellamy? Will she even have the chance to show off this mindset before succumbing to Earth’s radiation bath?

As much as we’re pulling for O to eventually rise from the ashes, she isn’t the only fan favorite we have to worry about.

How high will ‘The 100’ death toll rise?

The future looks grim for nearly a half dozen of the Ark’s original delinquents. Although Avgeropoloulos’ character is fighting the future with both hands (quite literally, mind you), four of her pals have seemingly resigned themselves to a fiery demise.

And can you blame them? From the dropship and Mount Weather to Arkadia and Polis, Earth has given them nothing but death, trauma, and hard decisions (and hallucinogenic nuts, of course).

As far as Jasper (Devon Bostick), Harper (Chelsey Reist), and Monty (Christopher Larkin) are concerned, it’s time to party until the Doomsday clock strikes twelve.

For Raven Reyes (Lindsay Morgan), momentary salvation lies in the stars above. If the engineer is going to die, she’s going to go out with one last spacewalk. At least that’s what Alie’s little voice is telling her...

With two episodes left before the finale, “The 100” has a lot of ground to cover. Wednesday’s “The Other Side” and May 17’s “The Chosen” will cue up a pulse-pounding race to the finish line. According to showrunner Jason Rothenberg and TVLine, “Praimfaya” will leave just 44 minutes until the end of the world, a trick which will allow the Season 4 finale to play out almost in real-time.

Catch “The 100” Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Click the video below to see a preview for the series' next episode.