"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout is terrified her ex- and father of son Bentley is going to die if he doesn't get help immediately for his drug abuse issues.

Will Maci Bookout stage an intervention for Ryan Edwards?

Bookout claims she believes Ryan would agree to rehab if he had a loving support system in place around him. Maci also revealed that she is in Ryan's corner. "Teen Mom OG" co-star Amber Portwood weighed in with her thoughts on Ryan's drug situation. Amber reveals that she knows where Ryan is at right now because she has seen it first hand, she has been there.

From her own personal experience with drug abuse, Amber tells Maci, on the MTV reality series; “You are so in love with the drugs that you feel that when you wake up in the morning without them, you want to die. He needs to find where his bottom may be.”

Edwards has reportedly been kicked out of his parents home.

This took place a couple of months ago because after his mom and dad allegedly had grown tired of their grown son's antics. Maci believes Ryan's family is just completely in denial and has no idea how dangerous and bad the situation has become for their son.

Maci Bookout admitted to husband Taylor Kinney that she is going to keep pushing Ryan into rehab because she wants to help him "save his life."

Maci obviously still cares very much about her ex-Ryan Edwards, after all, he is Bentley's father, and it would lay heavily on her conscience if something tragic were to happen to him and she felt as if she didn't do everything in her power to prevent it.

Hopefully, Ryans family along with Maci can get through to him before things get much worse.

Fans are now wondering if Maci will go as far as attempting to talk with Ryan's parents, perhaps staging an intervention and convince Betley's dad to seek out treatment. Substance abuse affects so many families these days. It is a hard and sad situation not only for the addict but everyone involved.

The Teen Mom confessed that she is in constant fear wondering if tonight will be the night Ryan takes it too far and dies.This is a hard situation to handle especially when Maci has Bentley to consider. However, Maci must be strong and put her foot down when it comes to her son to protect him from any potential danger and hurt that could occur when Bentley is with Ryan.

Do you believe Maci's support will make the difference in Ryan's life at this time convincing him to get help?

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