"Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier are reportedly considering an offer from Vivid Entertainment to star in a sex tape together. According to Us Weekly Magazine, Amber's fans have been less than supportive after hearing that she was entertaining the idea of releasing a sex tape. Portwood then took to Twitter to reveal her surprise and upset over her fans' negative comments, saying, "I'm really stunned at the reaction from my fans!! If you have anything negative to say stop following now!!" Amber added that she couldn't believe that people would pass judgement "without knowing the details or what was said," and revealed that she was heartbroken by the reaction.

Amber is considering the idea of releasing an adult video with Matt

Of course, Amber Portwood wouldn't be the first "Teen Mom OG" star to release a sex tape. Amber's co-star, Farrah Abraham, previously received backlash after dropping a sex tape with adult film star Jesse James. The tape gave Farrah a huge pay day, which may be why Amber is considering Vivid Entertainment's offer. Portwood revealed that she's "not strapped for cash," and that she has a nice house and car, but that she's "a business person," and seems to be looking at all the angles of the proposed deal. As of now, the MTV star says it's "in consideration" and she hasn't yet made up her mind about the offer.

Amber and Matt have relationship issues

Recently, "Teen Mom OG" fans have watched as Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have gone through some intense relationship issues. During a recent episode of the show, Amber revealed that she was scared to marry Matt, and that she didn't know if it was the right choice for her. Later, when the two were in Las Vegas for a friend's wedding, Matt pressured Amber to tie the knot there without her daughter Leah by her side.

When Amber told her fiance that she couldn't do it without Leah and her other family members in attendance, he blew up and vowed that he would never marry Amber after she embarrassed him on national television.

Could this cause trouble with Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley?

It should be interesting to see if "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood decides to accept the offer from Vivid Entertainment and release a sex tape with her fiance Matt Baier.

Will fans lash out at Amber like they did with Farrah Abraham, and what will her baby daddy Gary Shirley think about the move? Could it cause a nasty custody issue between the two as they still struggle to co-parent?