Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are undeniably one of the cutest "Bachelor in Paradise" couples in the history of the show. Unlike so many couples from the franchise, their relationship appears to be solid.

Since their engagement played out on the "Paradise" finale last September, fans have been anxious to find out when Carly and Evan will tie the knot. Hold tight, Bachelor Nation — you may not have to wait long!

'Paradise' wedding bells

Filming for "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 starts the first week of June. The cast list has not been confirmed by ABC just yet.

However, there are rumors that many of the girls from Nick and Ben's season will join guys from JoJo and Rachel's season for what will undoubtedly be a summer filled with drama.

There wasn't a wedding on the last season of "Paradise" because Jade and Tanner got married on the "Bachelor at 20" special on ABC. But this season, fans may get to see Carly and Even say, "I do"!

Carly and Evan dish about their wedding plans

Carly and Evan recently sat down with E! News and said that their off-camera relationship has been "positive and fun." They are living a normal life, something that's not so easy when you're in the reality TV spotlight.

Evan tells E! that they are living a normal life and communication is the key.

He goes on to say that their "ability to have conversations" has been an important part of working towards their goal — marriage!

When they were asked if they were in talks to get married on TV, they didn't say no. They were both smiling, a big hint that it might just happen!

“Everything’s a possibility," Carly said. Evan followed up with, "We’ll let you know in a week or two!”

A week or two has passed and there's no word from Carly and Evan about a possible wedding date.

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But if it is a go, they can't spill the details because ABC may have them under contract to stay quiet about it 'til the season starts.

Marriage and babies

It sounds like Carly and Evan have a terrific relationship. They're obviously in love and marriage is on their minds. Whether they get hitched on TV or in a private ceremony, there's one thing they do know.

They want babies!

The "Bachelor in Paradise" stars tell E! they want to expand their family "very soon." Evan has three sons from his previous marriage who are frequently in the couple's Snapchat stories. Sounds like there will a new "Bachelor" baby on the way before long.

Watch the "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 premiere on Tuesday, August 8 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.