Steven Universewill be having its first ever song collection titled “Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1.” Cartoon Network has announced the release of the remixed and remastered versions of the animated television series’ original music on June 2. In an interview with Fuse, the show’s writer and musician Rebecca Sugar talked about the upcoming of her brainchild’s new album. Also, the songs and what fans could expect from it.

The songs included and the expanded tracks

“Thank you! This is all the songs in their purest, most honest form,” she said.

Sugar added that she and the people behind “Steven Universe” tried their best to include as many songs as possible in the compilation to make their fans feel the same progress they had in the show. This is also to give their followers an idea how the tracks have changed and evolved as they delve deeper into its story.

“We got to include almost all of them!” she proudly revealed. She even disclosed that the most famous tune of them all is the show’s end song, “Love Like You.” She described it as the “omnipresent theme,” thus they added it at the very end of the album.

The animated series’ extended theme song “We are the Crystal Gems” will be a nice song to take note of for the people who want to start listening to the album.

In fact, even the expanded melody has the touch of the show’s components that haven’t been introduced before. She is even proud that the soundtrack and the television program both started simple and now developing into tackling more intricate topics.

The power of expressing through music

Moreover, Sugar was also asked how was she able to express the tougher themes of “Steven Universe” in the tracks without making it hear like too heavy.

“Sometimes something is a very simple, relatable feeling,” she explained. However, when the tune is loud, it is indeed deemed as complicated. This is particularly when the song has a theme of loss and grieving.

Although the song’s subject is quite heavy, it still features “love, longing, and deep respect.” In fact, she perfectly know that it is easier to say things through music.

She even insisted that there is beauty in expressing one’s self through music than by just saying it in words. She believed that people are really inclined to listen to positive things more often even if they are into a difficult situation.

Meanwhile, the songs included in “Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1” were curated by Sugar. It was all performed by the “Steven Universe” voice cast, like Zach Callison (Steven), Estelle (Garnet), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) and Tom Scharpling (Greg).