stassi schroeder has been on “Vanderpump Rules” since the very beginning, even though she did take some time for herself when she moved to New York City. But fans had a hard time forgetting Stassi because she was so opinionated. Plus, she had one of the most dramatic relationships with her co-star, jax taylor, and it was a relationship filled with cheating, lies, and scandals.

These days, Jax and Stassi are getting along and it sounds like they both want happiness for one another. So when Andy Cohen asked Taylor about his ex-girlfriend and what kind of guy she should be dating, he had a very clear answer.

Jax Taylor believes there's someone out there for Stassi

As it turns out, Taylor believes that only a certain kind of guy can date Stassi Schroeder. He believes that it's someone who doesn't have a strong opinion, as she's the one who decides everything. If she doesn't get her way, she might as well not be in the relationship.

"Good luck. Good luck, and I hope you have some thick skin. She's very stubborn," Jax told Andy Cohen about his ex-girlfriend, adding, "It's gonna take a special, special, unique individual to date Stassi."

Taylor pointed out that she needs someone who is financially stable, successful and someone who can take care of themselves and her at the same time.

Is Stassi open to dating her ex again?

After breaking up with Jax, Schroeder dated a man named Patrick for a while.

He was the reason she moved to New York City for a year, as they followed his career path in the radio industry. But, the two moved back to Los Angeles and broke up shortly after. Stassi had planned that he would be the guy for her and she even teased about having a nursery in their future home.

She was recently spotted with Patrick once again which could mean that they're rekindling the romance.

To make it work, one has to wonder if Patrick is ready to put his feelings and needs aside to make sure that Stassi is happy in the relationship.

But Schroeder couldn't exactly go back and date Jax Taylor. He has been in a relationship with Brittany Cartwright for over a year and she may be busy planning their wedding on Pinterest. Plus, Schroeder may not have an interest in going back to her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her.

He has since apologized and they have been able to move on from their past.

Do you think Stassi Schroeder is back together with Patrick? Do you think you could date someone like Stassi who wanted everything her way?

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