Earlier this year, heather dubrow revealed that she would not be returning to “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Heather had been filming the show for a couple of years, and it's no secret that the show had been very good to her. While filming the show, she and her husband managed to land another reality show where he gets to show off his surgical skills, they have written a book together, and they recently launched a new product line.

However, Heather felt that it was Time To Leave the show so she could focus on other things, including her career and her children. While Heather hasn't exactly revealed what she's working on these days, she is showing that she's now doing Instagram ads for companies, such as Orchard Valley.

Was Heather banking on Instagram ads after 'RHOC' departure?

Heather decided that it was time to leave the show last year and one can imagine that it's because of the drama that went down in Ireland. The drama was so heated that Heather literally broke down in tears. The show had changed for her, becoming a place of negativity and drama compared to what it had been when she joined.

"Typical day racing from work and heading to my four kids after school activities! My goal is to keep everyone healthy AND satisfied!" Heather wrote as part of her Instagram post, where she promoted the bars.

When Heather decided to leave “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, one can imagine that she wasn't exactly leaving the show for the sake of doing Instagram ads.

It is very interesting that she is jumping on the Instagram ad bandwagon, as her former co-star, Tamra Judge, also did Instagram ads just this week.

It sounds like the Instagram ad campaigns are now taking over “The Real Housewives of Orange County” profile pages. But one can hope that Heather has something else up her sleeve, as she surely didn't quit a show that paid her thousands of dollars for the sake of Instagram ads.

Did Heather get what she was looking for when she quit 'RHOC'?

Dubrow also wanted to spend more time with her children, which is something that she may be doing now that she's not filming the show all the time. Plus, her husband, Terry Dubrow, wanted to spend more time with his family as well. Eliminating one reality show is the right way to go to get more time together.

Are you surprised to see Heather Dubrow doing Instagram ads for Orchard Valley these days? Do you think she left the show because she had Instagram ad campaigns lined up?

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