Nintendo has proven that the Nintendo Switch is the real deal following reports that it was the fastest-selling Game Console in company history. It speaks highly of the promise of the latest offering and Citigroup Inc. believes that the Japanese company will use this as a springboard toward some sort of expansion. The first thing that comes to mind would be games and accessories. Looking at a bigger picture, Nintendo could be better off offering a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch.

How small can the Nintendo Switch go?

Looking at the current Nintendo Switch, it seems portable and small as it is.

Hence, one has to wonder how a Mini version would look. Could it go as tiny as a mobile phone? That could be possible but it does bring up several questions. Among them include the display technology a Nintendo Switch Mini would carry. Aside from that, could the Joy-Cons get smaller too? If not, a mini version of the game console could have some built-in features similar to the Nintendo 3DS. There is obviously a lot of ground to consider if a mini version of the Switch is indeed in the works.

Will it adapt to the actual game console?

The suggested mini version can happen but probably as an extension. It could be a means to spur up multiplayer possibilities, meaning friends can simply bring their mini console and join in on the fun.

This is another possibility but compatibility is a serious question. That includes requiring the mini version to have all official games installed or the ability to act as perhaps a separate controller. A projected date of seeing the mini version of the Switch could happen in 2019. That is still a couple of years away so the chances of Nintendo working on one is possible.

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But for now, the focus is on the actual game console which most have been unable to secure.

Despite being one of the fastest-selling game consoles, the fact remains that not all are able to purchase one from retail outlets. Demand has been so high that Nintendo is having problems leveling with ample supply on their end. The answer to that should be known in the following months.

The good news is that Nintendo is aware of the problem and promises to do something about it. So, until the gaming company is able to address the issue, the possibility of a Nintendo Switch Mini should be taken with a grain of salt.