Although the UFC fighter, Conor McGregor is a little bit busy with his newborn child, the phenomenal MMA champion is still looking forward to beating Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist, who is the current UFC lightweight champion. McGregor has a fighting record of 21 wins and three losses ever since he started fighting in the UFC ring. McGregor is dubbed as “The Notorious” fighter because of his killer moves and unique Fighting Style. But critics are wondering if these fighting skills are enough for him to step up his game against Floyd Mayweather.

Will McGregor take the fight against Mayweather

Rumors have been going around for the past six months that Conor McGregor is set to fight the legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Even if both of them come from different fighting worlds and that their fight could be a mismatch, McGregor still wants to beat the famous boxer. Meanwhile, Mayweather has a fighting record of 49 wins and zero losses, which is a little less over half of Conor McGregors’s record.

McGregor claimed that he has been laughed at by many people who do not believe in him, but if he does succeed in this fight, he will be able to laugh back at the negative people. One noticeable naysayer is Nick Diaz, the elder brother of McGregor’s ultimate competitor.

The Daily Star cited Diaz as pointing out that McGregor cannot just ride on the hype train anytime he desires. Diaz says there should be a process for it and he thinks that McGregor does have a huge chance of winning. However, he noted that his fight will not turn the combat sports world upside down.

UFC fighting champion is expected to make a decision soon

Preliminary negotiation differences have come between the UFC fighter's management and Mayweather's side. Both camps have already reached a decision after the New Year, however, the decision stalled again last month.

At present, everyone is pretty sure that McGregor is undergoing a decision dilemma.

Although his newborn son could make him happy, it still cannot ease the pressure of making a final decision. The fight's potential monetary return ranges from $100million to $500million. A huge amount of money is at stake and everyone is waiting for McGregor’s final decision.

On the other hand, Dana White confirms that they will not waste time with Mayweather if he wants to delay the agreement. White is sure that there will be lots of demands from their side. Reports claim that the fans of Conor McGregor have mixed reactions about his possible fight. However, he is yet to respond to the reports and confirm if he will really take the fight against Floyd Mayweather.